Sunday, September 28, 2008

demo was too short.

So I read the 12 issue Demo series this weekend and I think Becky Cloonan is my new favorite comic book artist. The series is about different teenagers discovering supernatural powers. The disappointing thing is they never really explore any of the characters past their initial issue. The great thing is that Becky changes up her style based on the story - and the duo behind them (Brian Wood being the other half) have announced that they will be coming out with series too sometime THIS Fall under Vertigo. It's hard to find cover art on this particular comic that ran from November 03-04, but here are the first 3...
My personal favorites out of this series were issues 8 and 9. Neither one of them addresses a TRUE super power in the main character per say, but they are interesting none the less. 8 is about a young man who wakes up to find his girlfriend has commit suicide and left him a mixtape. The comic is basically his conversation with the mixtape as he spends his "last" day with her. 9 is called breaking up and it jumps from past to present following the new couple in question. I suppose the super power in this one is the young man's ability to remember all things that are said to him. My summaries here don't do the comic any justice.

If you are interested - this link - can tell you more about the Demo Comics.

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