Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you may be leaving, but you're already gone

this is not a love poem
regardless of the truth

because I am angry
and pent up
and holding too much in

I have not yet mastered
the art of the silent scream

but I try anyway

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Music with limited explanation.

Camera Obscura

Bowerbirds - another amazing take away show - those French sure appreciate their indie music, and i wish someone would play music like this in my local grocery store

A new Grizzly Bear video that I have fallen in love with. I can't wait to see them at pitchfork (Bowerbirds are going to be there too). Their facial expressions really make this video beautifully creepy - never mind that their heads catch fire.

I hope I can make it to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah's here in Phoenix on June 9th (Monday show should be fun!) I'm not the biggest fan of the new album, it just isn't a raw and garage-y as the Yeah Yeah Yeah's I fell in love with, however dancing werewolves and surprisingly cheesy effects make this video a keeper.

I leave for my roommates birthday celebrations in San Diego tomorrow after the work day. It's my favorite co-workers last day. I will miss her quite a bit - she dragged me out to see Tilly and the Wall as well as Mates of State this past year - both some of the best times in my life so far. Farewell Lucy! That is all for now.

P.S. I can't figure out how to make those last two videos fit properly... my apologies.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 new bands

Beirut - Elephant Gun. I had never heard of this band until A Fine Frenzy mentioned them on her twitter. I love modern technology. I'm really amazed by these beautiful sounds.

St. Vincent performing Paris is Burning on the streets of France. I saw her new album cover on amazon and was intrigued. I'm not that into her albums, they may grow on me yet. This video however is one of her best performances available on youtube.

I wish I spoke French so I could read La BlogoTheque. We can be their friend on youtube though. The latest video up their is by Fleet Foxes. I love that band too. Fun fact - Beirut and Grizzly Bear have La Blogo Theque Take Away Videos too!

Lovely, strange music video by Grizzly Bear. The song if knife.

I've been obsessively listening to Heartless Bastards. This song is off their first album Stairs and Elevators. I love how the drum beat sounds live.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

He said he was a lawyer.

I had the chance to catch the Mates of State when they stopped in Tempe this past weekend. Yes I liked them before, but after seeing them live I am a solid fan. This husband and wife duo from SanFran are pretty amazing. Both sing vocals with her on keys, him on drums and a violin and cellist running back up. Here's a great example + fun animal masks!

I was turned on to another great band/solo artist by a guy I met at the show. I'm thinking of making good music recommendations a requirement from new guys from now on. I am more than impressed with this one! May I introduce to you fair reader City and Colour (aka Dallas Green out of the great white north) Sorry link only to this video. Thank you stranger. I enjoyed our rather fortuitous meeting. Find me when you are back in Phoenix.
I created a pandora station based on City and Colour which yielded typical staples for me like Death Cab for Cutie and Iron and Wine. It also introduced me to my future ex-husband Matt Nathanson from SanFran via Boston. Great find! Pandora - you deserve the most heartfelt love letter. Someday I will provide you with this.

In other news, swim lesson season is starting up soon, I still suck at guitar, my down dog is awesome and I read more comic books than most 12 year old boys. My final parting gift to you is this most amazing zombie video from the Handsome Furs (another husband/wife duo) How does subpop continue to get all the great bands?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

beautiful video

i found in a design magazine.
the spider.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

shake your fist say "i'm old"

so this will probably be my last post as a 26 year old.

i've had this song in my head for a few weeks, getting a little retarded for Dylan and wishing i was alive in 1965 - turn the volume up for this one.

in the comic book world i have been indulging in the works of Mr. Frank Miller. 

these two books are Sin City yarns.

both of them are absolutely beautiful, mostly the back stories about merv and the girls. Frank Miller makes me want to be a prostitute sometimes. the man is a genius. next up on the list - a re-visitation of the classic Sin City, and i believe Ronin as well.

so if you are in AZ - the Tempe area to be specific - i'll be celebrating my birthday this Saturday. everyone is invited - and all the cover is free!

day drinking at the Oktoberfest
ass shaking with the Necronauts

i would also like to share this rad new unicorn pic - found for my collection by my totally rad co-worker Lucy. i told her it would make the blog, cause i like to pretend that's some kind of big deal.

the marketing behind this image can only be described as breathtaking.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

demo was too short.

So I read the 12 issue Demo series this weekend and I think Becky Cloonan is my new favorite comic book artist. The series is about different teenagers discovering supernatural powers. The disappointing thing is they never really explore any of the characters past their initial issue. The great thing is that Becky changes up her style based on the story - and the duo behind them (Brian Wood being the other half) have announced that they will be coming out with series too sometime THIS Fall under Vertigo. It's hard to find cover art on this particular comic that ran from November 03-04, but here are the first 3...
My personal favorites out of this series were issues 8 and 9. Neither one of them addresses a TRUE super power in the main character per say, but they are interesting none the less. 8 is about a young man who wakes up to find his girlfriend has commit suicide and left him a mixtape. The comic is basically his conversation with the mixtape as he spends his "last" day with her. 9 is called breaking up and it jumps from past to present following the new couple in question. I suppose the super power in this one is the young man's ability to remember all things that are said to him. My summaries here don't do the comic any justice.

If you are interested - this link - can tell you more about the Demo Comics.