Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 new bands

Beirut - Elephant Gun. I had never heard of this band until A Fine Frenzy mentioned them on her twitter. I love modern technology. I'm really amazed by these beautiful sounds.

St. Vincent performing Paris is Burning on the streets of France. I saw her new album cover on amazon and was intrigued. I'm not that into her albums, they may grow on me yet. This video however is one of her best performances available on youtube.

I wish I spoke French so I could read La BlogoTheque. We can be their friend on youtube though. The latest video up their is by Fleet Foxes. I love that band too. Fun fact - Beirut and Grizzly Bear have La Blogo Theque Take Away Videos too!

Lovely, strange music video by Grizzly Bear. The song if knife.

I've been obsessively listening to Heartless Bastards. This song is off their first album Stairs and Elevators. I love how the drum beat sounds live.

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