Thursday, April 30, 2009

He said he was a lawyer.

I had the chance to catch the Mates of State when they stopped in Tempe this past weekend. Yes I liked them before, but after seeing them live I am a solid fan. This husband and wife duo from SanFran are pretty amazing. Both sing vocals with her on keys, him on drums and a violin and cellist running back up. Here's a great example + fun animal masks!

I was turned on to another great band/solo artist by a guy I met at the show. I'm thinking of making good music recommendations a requirement from new guys from now on. I am more than impressed with this one! May I introduce to you fair reader City and Colour (aka Dallas Green out of the great white north) Sorry link only to this video. Thank you stranger. I enjoyed our rather fortuitous meeting. Find me when you are back in Phoenix.
I created a pandora station based on City and Colour which yielded typical staples for me like Death Cab for Cutie and Iron and Wine. It also introduced me to my future ex-husband Matt Nathanson from SanFran via Boston. Great find! Pandora - you deserve the most heartfelt love letter. Someday I will provide you with this.

In other news, swim lesson season is starting up soon, I still suck at guitar, my down dog is awesome and I read more comic books than most 12 year old boys. My final parting gift to you is this most amazing zombie video from the Handsome Furs (another husband/wife duo) How does subpop continue to get all the great bands?

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